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Hello members and visitors!

I'm sorry to say that we will not be having a Weekly Feature this week due to a little bit of complications so instead we will be using this week as an information/update week! We'll try to squeeze the information and updates together so that you don't get bombarded with blogs :aww: Now on to the purpose of this blog!

"So here is the challenge. I want you to create your own prompt journal and start collecting prompts. There is no rush to do them all at once and if you start collecting a significant amount, on those days where you lack inspiration that journal is sat there for you. You can keep updating this- adding new prompts and even linking completed deviations relating to the prompt. You can steal prompts off other peoples journals, or suggest some to fellow deviants. We just all want to get writing!" ~ BeccaJS

BeccaJS has posted in :iconcrliterature: CRLiterature a Literature Community Project that is fantastic and will be beneficial to all that are involved. Now the aim of this project is to create and share prompts to avoid that nasty writer's block. Since our group name is InspireTheUninspired anyone from the group who participates in this project and would like to share their journal, place a link in the comments and I'll place them here to spread the inspiration!!! :happybounce:

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Submitted on
January 15, 2013