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Hello members and visitors!

There will be no member features or prompts this coming week as we have decided to use it as a feature week for the donators of our Memories and Resolutions contest. Because of the amount of donations we received, we will be splitting the feature into three separate blogs (one each for deviants, groups and judges) that will be spread out over the coming week.

However, this blog will be dedicated to the winner's of :iconfeedbackfrenzy: FeedbackFrenzy's recent contest. For those of you who do not know FeedbackFrenzy is a helpful group that hosts Feedback Events. I participated in the previous contest and it was not only a joy to receive constructive critique but to give it too. +Watch the group to be informed for the next event, they could always use more participants from the Literature Community. Remember! Constructive Comment/s are Guaranteed! Also, if you're wondering why we're featuring this it is because it's a wonderful event that we encourage you to join and it also has a special prize for the deviant who writes the best critiques on literature deviations.


First Place: :iconjustmango: justMANGO

justMANGO's Gallery is full of fabulous artworks from mediums across the board. There is quite a bit of philosophical writings in their gallery as well which is quite fascinating so if you like those then perhaps you should consider joining the group justMANGO founded called Deep-Thinkers! Thank you justMANGO for providing such amazing artwork and feedback!

Gaia09 Journal CSS by justMANGO Rain by justMANGO blue.Toronto by justMANGO

That last glory by justMANGO

Love Documented by justMANGO Love of Innocence by justMANGO


Second Place: :iconemberguard: Emberguard

Emberguard's Gallery is primarily traditional based artwork with animals as it's focus. I've seen a few of their critiques/comments around so I can definitely see how they snagged second place! Emberguard is also the co-founder of 365-ART which is like many other groups I'm sure you've seen but this one is for sketches! Thank you Emberguard for providing such adorable artwork and amazing critique!

Wolf commission by Emberguard Two Little Ducks Went Out One Day :) by Emberguard

Lion Pic 2 by Emberguard

Tattoo by Emberguard Kitten In Coloured Pen by Emberguard


Top Literature Critic: :iconkitri-du-lac: Kitri-du-Lac

Kitri-du-Lac's Gallery is full of wonderful literature and beautiful photographs though I will only be featuring her Literature since we're a literature group and I may be just  a little proud to feature this for some reason. During the FeedbackFrenzy week she had given numerous in-depth critiques which is why I know she deserves this special prize. Thank you Kitri-du-Lac for providing such thoughtful feedback!

PrideTall and proud I stood before the world,
Reaching for the sky with branches long,
New found talents spread like leaves un-curled
While birds sang sweetly my own joyful song.
I’d weathered every storm that could be thrown
Survived the lashings of a blood-filled rain.
Swayed with the wind and found at last my own;
A home, a life, a chance to escape pain.
Never did I think you could destroy
All the new gained happiness I’d found.
But with the stealth of ivy, one young boy
My heart entwined himself slowly around.
Simple words tore roots I’d buried deep.
Scolded my pride and mocked my solid tree.
And now I find at night I cannot sleep
With wondering of how well he saw me.
Now, I walk along my fallen tree
And ask the lord forgiveness for the sinned
Then atop the one live branch stands me
Waiting to catch the tiniest breath of wind.
Brush carefully through
Tail like silk and
Round the other side.
Check the white parts
Check again and
Remind her to smile.
Hours bathing for.
her chance, rosette
For her own wall.
The steward calls out
Time to go
Just relax and breath.
Routine in mind
She goes ready
to ride and win
Whilst I
to the ringside to watch
and prompt:
An actress in the wings.
A Fatherly MomentAndrew knocked on the door and walked in, glancing around the seemingly empty hotel room.
‘Rose?’ he called, as he noticed the white shift disappearing off the top of the tall modesty screen.
‘One moment,’ responded a playful voice, leaving him standing there studying the pink silk panels of the screen silently. The pale green vines painted over the blushing cloth, strands released from the white wood, entwining around each other and meeting in the middle in a flash of colour, a full red rose.
‘Lost in thought, father?’ she asked, drawing him back out his thoughts. He smiled and looked to her, with her loose chestnut hair.
‘Not lost,’ he smiled, arms wrapping around her as he held her close. ‘Merely happy. It is good to see you here, at last’. Rose smiled, leaning into him for a moment.
‘I am happy to be here, even if it was a month stuck on that ship’. Andrew released her, slowly brushing her cheek with his finger. ‘I am

StormsFeathers brushed softly off her bare shoulders, hands grasping her slender wrists. Painted lips moved to whisper clichéd lines about her golden hair and sapphire eyes in her ear. Vibrant colours and flashes of glitter danced before her eyes as she pushed almost blindly through the sea of people. Upon reaching the tables, currently a little quieter than the rest of the room, she clung to a chair as if it was her lifeline in a storm. She took a deep breath and looked back over the groups of thundering conversation and the flow of dancers, trying to spot the rest of her party.
She could not see them through the swirling masses of people, so sank slowly to the gilded chair she held, deciding it would be safer to wait for them to find her. Elizabeth felt so fatigued from the efforts of surviving in this whirlpool of everything she disliked, but Kane had been so insistent that she attend she could not say no. Within one week of arriving in her new home she had refused to join him on a v
I purchased a return ticket as you did over a year ago now and sat in a carriage, watching the streets pass by as we trundled on towards the Downs. The length of the journey surprised me. I always had this vision of you in my head, sitting on worn velvet cushions watching the world disappear, completely unaware of the crowds jostling nearby as you contemplated serenely the final time you would fly our banner. Yet, after a short journey I alighted onto an empty platform, unused to visitors during a weekday.
          The walk from the station to the racecourse, with only a postman for company, was pleasantly short and I soon found the staff entrance where Miss Ringham waited for me. A sweet girl, Emily; and ever so devoted to the cause though she is a working domestic. She showed me out towards the course, then hurried away to her task before she was missed, leaving me in the open stands.

Mature Content

The Death of a FlowerDo you remember your first birthday?
I have some friends who claim that they can. There are people out there who claim they can remember what it was like to be born. Someone who's name I feel I should know once claimed he could remember what it was like to be in the womb.
I'm not that special. I don't remember many events in my life; I wish I had memories of more. My life hasn't been extraordinary or exciting though, so what is there to remember?
I was once shown a video recording of my first birthday. That I can remember. I can see myself as young girl, pushing her way into the world through a thick crust of wrapping paper. Her thin wisps of hair were just beginning to thicken, showing signs of the burst of blonde colour that was yet to come.
Her mother stood by her, beaming like the sun with his hat on. There was new life in this world and she felt the need to protect it, provide for it; give it the strength to live. I remember her happy laughter as the little girl ignored the colour


:bulletorange: Honourable Mentions: Completing the Top Ten! :bulletorange:

:iconjustanothersomeone: justanothersomeone
:iconmagicwingsforever: magicwingsforever
:iconkymira12: Kymira12
:iconshadowedacolyte: ShadowedAcolyte
:iconfayerin: Fayerin
:iconriemea: Riemea
:iconadrianafilip: AdrianaFilip
:iconselimeia: Selimeia

Remember, Keep Writing and Inspiring!!! :heart:
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ThePenVsTheSword Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Student Writer
So it's a group that promotes constructive criticism/critiques?
H-A-Cooke Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, Feedback Frenzy promotes sharing constructive criticism by holding contests related to giving good comments on other people's work.
ThePenVsTheSword Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Student Writer
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Well it's not quite a group, more like a hub for their Constructive Comments events. The events usually last a week and you have that time to do as much quality critiques as possible. They rate your critiques using a system they have set up and the winners win prizes :D Though everyone wins really since you'll get constructive comments/critiques and exposure even if you don't win :D
ThePenVsTheSword Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Student Writer
Ah, okay.
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