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Merry christmas everybody by MenInASuitcase and Happy Holidays!!! :happybounce:

I hope you are all having a great and merry time this holidays and if you're not then please take a look at BloodshotInk's deviation You are not an island and remember, we are always here to talk if you need it :heart:

This weeks feature does include an entry to our current contest but one of our admins absolutely loved it  so we were happy to include it in this weeks feature. It doesn't mean that it has an advantage in the contest though! Sorry!. Without further ado, I present to you works from our beautiful members!!! :happybounce:


    :iconcaptivationrequired: CaptivationRequired

          Chopin Nocturne#2Chopin Nocturne #2
A breath.
She lays a her hand down, a caress on inhale, and tentatively pushes the key in. Memory returns, an ebbing tide revealing the silver sand below. Her left hand joins, just as hesitant, with kisses of its own. Fingertips dance, butterflies against the white ivory. The memory continues until discord; the sound sharpens and flattens, falling upon deaf tones, and the echo in the room clatters to a halt. She breathes out, remembering to cycle. Her hand strokes the surface before rippling and trying the refrain again and then again.
She is a ghost hovering over the polished black wood, white reflection staring back at her. Sad eyes lose themselves to the varnish and silver bolts that hold the pieces together, into the swirling cords and vibrations the piano harbors. All the thoughts that raged in her head cease. Peace settles like a leaf upon water's surface. Her hands play on passed the troubled refrain.
She plays wordlessly.
Her eyes have closed,
Her breath held

Comment: I was stunned by the beauty of this piece...You can almost hear the piano notes floating into your ear; you can almost feel the smooth wood of the piano beneath your fingertips. The emotions and images are so vibrant! It's beautiful, and well worth the feature :) ~ MistressofQuills

    :iconemaciatedandepitaphs: EmaciatedandEpitaphs

          Saving What Was Already DeadCowboy where's your gun?  Where's that desperado demeanor ?
I'm a faker.
I've done it before.
Bang Bang
And not to brag,
but it's simple.
Easy like
have your cake
and eat it too.
Fuck the bitch
then have her
pay you.

(Without cohesion.  A caustic chagrin administers the consequences of being so corroded.   We can't coexist without chemical reactions.  Acidic pheromones with furious side effects.  Committing acts of treason.)
Crippled mongoloid runs from algebraic equations.  Do not ask me to understand such concepts.  Gargoyles, cast in stone.  The monster caught in exhales of fractured obsidian, every granulate grateful for aptitude's explusion.
I am blind, tar-pit pupils and alabaster illusions.
Do not bludgeon me with repetitive notions.  The decapitated carcass preaches logic with the vocabulary of a lumbering 'fool'.
Intelligence reduced to tooth pick, a splinter

Comment: EmaciatedandEpitaphs's rich vocabulary and stunning imagery in this vignette is breathtaking. It's an interesting combination of science and emotions, poetry and prose. This piece is intricate, layered, deliberate, and a definite must-read for all the wordy poets out there. ~ forestmeetwildfire

    :icona-wandering-man: A-Wandering-Man

          Candles in the Night SkyFlames alight in the endless dark,
Fireflies a-buzzing in their dance,
A whisper carried on the subtle breeze...
"Take the chance."
The sky is torn asunder,
Lightning, cloud, and deafening thunder,
A shout rings through the strife,
"It is time to live your life!"
Rain assaults the fragile Earth,
One small life begins to ponder,
A Dreamer's voice, filled with mirth,
"Life is full of wonder!"
The Sun drifts away, begins to slowly set,
Clouds disperse and float on languid winds,
A meek man speaks his cacophonous mind,
"Humanity's potential, never to be met!"
The Candles in the Night Sky
Have all gone away now
Their bodies cold where they lie
We grieve for the loss of beauty.
For we will cry, together, aloud:
"We will die
For lack of Unity."

Comment: I love how both Nature and human nature are combined in this poem with vivid images and lilting rhyme! The choice of vocabulary was used to stunning effect, and there's a sense of mystery surrounding the events described that makes you have to think. A beautifully written poem all around :D ~ MistressofQuills

    :iconofonesoul: OfOneSoul

          Love Me Dead
        It's that time once again.
The preparation and planning has been glorious. Though it is the same record I've played over and over for millennia beyond millennia, it is no longer broken. I have managed to ripen the mix and stir until it is an entirely new recipe. As petite and distastefully helpless as this form is, I am still an animal and can enjoy my bestial instincts that allow me to suffer pleasure in my kill.
So unappealing is this fragile form humans bare, however; to pity them is to offer a luxury they do not deserve. Their flaws and weaker forms aside, there is work to be done. One paw upon his chest; my nose to his; a single breath and his soul is mine to harbor.
Beatrix kicked the aging envelopes aside as she attempted to leap across the unwelcoming welcome mat. Her unnatural perfectionism beginning to overwhelm her, she knelt down as she stepped into the house, folding wads of unopened mail beneath her arms. She scoffed angrily

Comment: OfOneSoul weaves an engaging tale of love, loss and human nature. The story is told through the voice of an unexplained eternal being, a being that despite it's cynicism learns to love. I relate both to Beatrix and to "Mort." This piece is truly powerful in it's ability to shed understanding for both forms of compassion and love. ~ H-A-Cooke

    :iconchaosinethereality: ChaosInEthereality

          Cold NightmareSoul of ice
Heart of stone
Voices chill me
To the bone
Wintry scepters
Frightening, haunting
Malevolent shadows
Dark and undaunting
This cold nightmare
Won't let me sleep
It pulls me down into the deep
Chasm of black
Soul of white
I'm falling down
And crashing tonight

Comment: It's fun to run across a poem that can manage short lines and yet keep its rhythm regular and smooth. The images make shivers run up and down your spine while the cadence and line breaks of the poem keep you in suspense and in the emotion of the moment. A very effective, delightful little piece of poetry! ~ MistressofQuills

    :iconcolbalt-rain: colbalt-rain

          red leaves and Robert Frost.When I was young, my virginity was sacred. Entire religions pray over it and my father bought a gun so long as it meant protecting it.
We throw away half of our refrigerator each week – meanwhile, 24,000 people die of starvation every day.
Hardest part is, sometimes wasting things can't be helped.
At the bus stop, before I could drive, boys would ask for my phone number while I tugged up the neck of my shirt. Asked me how old I was while I crossed my legs under my skirt.
I told them I had a boyfriend even when it wasn't true, because they'll always respect another man more than my disinterest.
Hearing "I love you" for the first time is like getting hit by a train and only feeling the angel as they pull you up to Heaven.
People who are manic can jump off roofs or sell their house to buyers who don't exist.
For me, it was fucking six guys in four days and spending $150 in three.
That wasn't good enough, though, so instead of help all I got was a smiley-face sticker and long, quiet c

Comment: As spoken by colbalt-rain, red leaves and Robert Frost. isn't a cry for help, it's a journey of getting help and achieving it. I find this piece greatly inspiring and absolutely stunning. It's a story filled with half-truths and so you are always left wondering what is true and what is fiction. Each section represents Bipolar disorder as a whole and it's relatable even if you are not Bipolar. A beautiful and saddening piece by a wonderful deviant! ~ Kymira12

    :icondrippingwords: DrippingWords

          Chapter 1: Ungifted
Chapter 1: Ungifted
The cottage was in the middle of a dark forest, where timber wolves could be heard howling in the distance. Inside the cottage, mice scurried across the wooden floor and the glow of a single candle lit up the tiny room.
Screams rent the night; the screams of a mother giving birth. Lena gripped her husband's hand tight as the mid-wife crooned encouragement: "You're almost done, just push a little harder. That's right, just hold on. You're almost there."
Lena panted, her chest heaving with the effort of child-birth. 'Almost there, yeah right.' She thought. 'She said that three hours ago, and look where that's got us.' She screamed again, and squeezed Liam's hand harder, making him grimace with pain.
"It's okay, honey," he said with teeth clenched. "I know you can do this." Lena nodded, and pushed again. She screwed her eyes shut with the attempt, and bit her tongue so she wouldn't scream again.
"Look," the mid-wife whispered. "She's a girl." The mid-wife

Comment: What an interesting take on the idea of a people who can manipulate the elements! Even from this first chapter, I am impressed by the level of emotion that was described, and by the clever job done to develop characters already! I'm left wanting to read on, and I have naught but good things to say about the writing style. A wonderful job, and an intriguing beginning to the story! ~ MistressofQuills

    :iconamy-derfer: amy-derfer

          uniformthe people I like are the ones
not well put together
wild-haired mannequins
in strange colors
with screws loose and
backward feet
the ones rocking enthusiasm when
calm and cool is the Cosmo-worshippers
first commandment
people who sit on staircases during
ragers, doing math problems by
people who see no difference between study sessions and
the ones who are so down with
looking like fools
the standard for commonplace
eats it's own
smothered-in-steak-sauce cliches
for breakfast
you make me forget how good
I am at blending in
you turn “normal”  into
a breathalyzer test
I can't wait to fail

Comment: This poem is a unique description of a person who seems to bend the rules of social norms. It's beautiful in a very simplistic way, focusing more on the narrator's perception of this person rather than delving into their emotions. Overall, this is a wonderful little poem with an ending that leaves you not quite satisfied but rather curious about the relationship between these two people. ~ forestmeetwildfire

    :iconlookingglassink: LookingGlassInk

          Rightside Up CakeThere's so many times
When I feel all turned around
Where my feet are up high
And my head's on the ground
Where the world's gone and turned
Itself updside-down
When I'm hearing the sights
And watching the sounds
That's why I love you
You make everything great
When life's roads all wind
You help make them straight
You're classy and bright
Like diamonds and pearls
You're my rightside-up cake
In my upside-down world
There's so many days
When I can't make it work
The car's broken down
Or I've ruined my shirt
It's all gone to hell
And I just want to quit
You pull me aside
And it's fixed with a kiss
That's why I love you
You make everything great
When life's roads all wind
You help make them straight
You're classy and bright
Like diamonds and pearls
You're my rightside-up cake
In my upside-down world
It's been fifty years
That you've been by my side
You're as perfect today
As you were as a bride
I've let myself get
A bit out of my prime
I'm crazy and old now
But you look past the grime

Comment: I love how LookingGlassInk uses a whole bunch of contradictions and paradoxes to the poem's advantage and makes them all fit into an adorable love poem :) "You're my rightside up cake in my upside-down world" is by far my favorite line :aww: If this ever gets recorded with music and everything, I'd buy the song in an instant! It's a cute concept, and was beautifully presented in this lyrical poem. ~ MistressofQuills


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Remember dearest members, keep inspiring and writing!!!
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