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This weeks feature includes some fabulous pieces that the admins of InspireTheUninspired have chosen! Again, it will include some pieces from our Mature folder and they will be labeled besides the deviations creator :aww: This feature also includes the only submission from our LOTE (Language Other Than English) folder though that is not the only reason it was chosen! So without further ado, please enjoy!!! :happybounce:


    :iconcorrodingcorpse93: CorrodingCorpse93


Comment: CC93 immediately draws you into compelling and complete grief. This piece spoke to me, as I have experienced such crushing emotional reality as described. This poem will speak to you an any level of loss whether you've been left by a friend or significant other. ~ H-A-Cooke

    :icontristancody: TristanCody

          Aristotle Got It Right"By nature,
  we are all political animals."
I deem this norm-owl, for my ears
listen in earnest dog-mantic predictions
which stretch out pass the fiscal cliff;
like an ELE-infant based upon distance.
Abandoning divinity for Maud-lien attempts
to reduce pressure through oppression - tense;
like a turtle shell. . . coral-lading communes
in prides of prancing ant-elopes.
'Tis his-story acquaint to the oystered-us
in speech, in skill and in pursuits of free. . .
dumb. Chirped from post-poaching sea-sons
hunting up for those who mar-sue, people.
Charlie fox-plot towards the pleasure
mauling - hue-main Hun-duress;
disowning. Rich, you-all for inclination,
the bare-inn, ripe with cent-impede. . .
  Petraeus, animals have linear currency
to the kings and queens of sanity.

Comment: This is a brilliant poem full of interesting puns, play-on-words, and odd, almost made-up words. I enjoyed trying to figure out the double meaning in some of the words. Other being spectacularly written, with amazing word choice and a unique structure, the underlying message in this poem really makes you think. I have never been one to enjoy analysing a poem, but this one is definitely worth it! ~ forestmeetwildfire

    :iconautumnlit: autumnlit [Mature]


Comment: You Don't Work Here Anymore is a tale that drags you in as soon as we find out the main characters name. You're pulled into his daydreams and fantasy's to a point where you must read it. This story is intriguing to a point where you honestly sympathize with Beauguard and take his journey with him. The surprising ending is actually much needed and the overall story is absolutely magnificent! If I was to ever recommend a novella on deviantART, this would be it. ~ Kymira12

    :iconkymira12: Kymira12 [Mature]


Comment: The true mark of an author is admitting the darkest parts of our memories, the truths that hurt us to remember. Kymria speaks to the compassion in the reader when she delivers her confession. The voice is younger, innocent, the words simple, yet the delivery is mature, seen through a grown up lens. I am captivated by her stylistic choice to scramble words and give them a movement of their own. This piece is truly beautiful, and has the potential to heal anyone who has been through similar circumstances. ~ H-A-Cooke

    :iconbellelarme: bellelarme [Language: German]

          Skinny Love  Meine Lippen strichen sanft über die seinen. Sie waren warm und weich. Ich musste lächeln. Als ich mich erhob, sah ich, dass er die Augen geöffnet hatte und mich mit seinen wunderschönen grünen Augen ansah. Ich erstarrte und spürte, wie mir das Blut ins Gesicht schoss. Peinlich berührt blinzelte ich und versuchte mich an einem unschuldigen Lächeln. Langsam richtete er sich auf und saß plötzlich ganz nah neben mir. Wortlos streckte er eine Hand aus und fuhr sanft durch mein Haar. Er umfasste meinen Nacken und zog mich zärtlich zu sich heran, um mich zu küssen. Wir hatten uns schon oft geküsst. Aber jedes Mal durchfuhr mich dieses einzigartige Kribbeln aufs Neue. Ich fragte mich, ob es bei ihm wohl genauso war.
  Unsere Lippen lösten sich voneinander und wir sahen uns an.
  „Du bist wunderschön", flüsterte er und streichelte meine Wange. Ohne es zu merken, legte ich den Ko

Comment: This is a story of love gained and love lost. bellelarme shows the delicate side of love as well as the side that is strongly hated. It begins with the softness of a lovers embrace until she is shocked out her memories with her lover by liquid ice shooting through her veins. It is definitely worth the read so please do not be daunted by the language of this piece. bellelarme has written an English translation of her piece. ~ Kymira12

    :iconavix215: Avix215

          No Man Left BehindThe wind pounds sleet into my face, drenching me in freezing water yet again.  My gloved hands clutch the rope tightly, the only real thing in the swirling blizzard. At a lower altitude, I'd have climbed with bare hands, but at this height, not wearing gloves meant losing fingers to frostbite. Despite my thick gloves, I can feel the blisters on my hands. My entire body feels numb, the heavy-duty Gore-tex jacket that I wear over two other layers of clothing doing little to prevent the chill from seeping in. I shiver, and suddenly lose my footing, stumbling into the snow.
"Careful," my climbing buddy, Mike, says, his voice muffled by his scarf. "It's a dangerous place up here."
It was true. The mountain was a tough beast to conquer. Annapurna, the third-tallest mountain in the Himalayas and one of the tallest in the world, had a deadly arsenal that it was just itching to unleash on me. It's one the most inhospitable places on—or off— the planet: it's said that it's easier to be rescued f

Comment:What a unique and heart-warming story! Not often do you read about a group of people climbing a dangerous, freezing mountain, and risking their lives in the process. When Pete fell, I almost expected them to leave him behind, and I was thrilled when the narrator showed his loyalty to his friend and went to get him. I almost cried with relief when they made it back safely, and smiled at the cliche, but effective closing lines. Overall, this is a wonderful little story that is well-executed with just enough character development and detail to make it interesting and realistic. ~ forestmeetwildfire

    :iconimpy-kun: Impy-Kun [Mature]


Mature Content

Comment: The omniscient view suspends the reader in the moment dragging her/him into a catharsis. I find the writer's distance from the subject refreshing. The poem challenges, through a fictional base (as she explains in her author's description), both the person committing suicide and the people around whom they've lived, making the subject a shared responsibility, while at the same time exploring suicide from an introspective view. ~ H-A-Cooke

    :icondearpoetry: DearPoetry

          Please, forgive me.Like lies, you said
I make breathing the cosmos
through rose colored lungs
look easy- vertebrae stretched
toward the moon.
& I'm hanging my bones
out to dry, carving Saturn's
rings into my wrists- my
star burst ankles.
I swore then I'd keep my
black tongued poetry
& uprooted limbs far,
far away from you.
But, like lies, galaxies,
& night fevers, you
are the destination
on my star map skin.

Comment: Like all of DearPoetry's literature, this piece is absolutely breathtaking! You make your own interpretations of her words and for me this poem has a 'star-crossed' lovers theme. Although it may sound like a cliched topic, DearPoetry takes it to a new level with her amazing word choice and stunning images. If you want to read beauty in the most unusual way them please, read this. It is absolutely fantastic! ~ Kymira12  


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