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Hello members and visitors!

I hope you all are still having a great holidays and now that we're in a new year, we are back to having four features a week! This weeks features includes only prose pieces to encourage more prose submissions in the group! :happybounce: Two pieces do have warnings but not enough to warrant a Mature Tag so just warning a few of you. You'll know what they're about from the comment :aww:

Make sure to keep on the lookout this week for a group update as there will be a few rule changes, hopefully new admin and new challenges! Without further ado, here are our lovely deviants and their stories! :aww:


:iconfehnwrites: Fehnwrites


Comment: It was a joy finding this story. Demonika definitely deserves more attention. This novel is about a ten year old boy whose only dream is to be a mage. Fehnwrites perfectly describes how a little boy would act. You tell them no and they sneak out after bedtime, find a psychic demon named Stellamonika and become a mage anyway :D If you're looking for a lengthy read, I would recommend this. There are eleven chapters so far and you can find them Here.

:icontinaaw: tinaaw

Text - He Made Me Smile Sample ChapterHe was like a large teddy bear, all wrapped up in Christmas paper for you. Just when you thought no one cared in the world there he appeared bounding happy and caring, a gentleman to you.
And he sat there and said such wonderful things  - how smart you were and  "hey look at this" and you could almost guess what his family makeup was. He had a brother for sure, but no sisters. You could tell by his confidence and his smile that it was internally happy. Just everything about him was happiness and deep caring. And you deeply cared back.
You could get lost in his ways how he worried about you and cared for you and wanted to be there for you in your dire moments.
And you sat there and whispered to him things that you should not really say, softly into his ear, because hey you had both come from the same background anyway.
20 years of the same stuff it seemed, and jointly between you was a smile and a deep caring that only you two would know.
And you knew instantly,  ev

Comment: He Made Me Smile is an excerpt filled with such sweetness, it's not sweet enough. It's completely heartwarming and if you ever need a few encouraging relationship words, this would be perfect. Be reminded of both the negative and positives and just smile basically. I definitely enjoyed reading it :aww:

:iconkal0193: kal0193 [Warning]

LostHe opened the door and she was there; breathtakingly beautiful. The rain dripping down her face, sliding down her nose, rolling along her lips, whatever the conditions were she was angel. Her hair, which is usually blonde, was turned brown by the wetness. "Hey," she whispered, stepping forward. He opened his mouth to yell at her, finally getting the courage to call her every nasty name he could think of but then it all disappeared in a snap, when her lips were suddenly pressed against his. She kissed him so passionately that he was lost; his head swimming and his knees buckling. Every time… every time she did that he fell for it. Even when he promised himself, next time, next time he'll ask her to leave and not invite her in. Next time he would shove her away when she kissed him… but he never did. Never could.
She pushed him back and slammed the door shut behind her, kissing him the whole time so hungrily that it was like she would die for doing it but didn't care. But he kne

Comment: You always see this story written with a female perspective so that is why Lost is both saddening and refreshing to read. 'Love' can bring a person down to desperate levels where you don't know whether you want to stop loving them or never stop loving them. kal0193 captures the raw emotion of the main character beautifully in this short story. Her splendid use of narration was an excellent choice and this story in general is definitely worth the read :D

:iconsinsdeed: SinsDeed [Warning]

Another Hole  "Ah…. Madame Priya?" A timid messenger girl spoke through the embrodered rugs hanging across my doorframe. Her voice was high with a slight squeak lingering at the edges, the mark of a child. Keerthana, probably.
  "Mister Sriharsha is here. He wants to sell," she continued. Yes, definitely Keerthana. Not one of the brightest lanterns during Chinese New Year, but she was willing to comply with a majority of the sadists.
  "Tell him I'll be there in a minute. Make a pot of tea… and put a platter of cakes out as well," I answered. Better get him in a good mood before we began negotiations. Now under pressure, I swiftly finished the forms for makeup, bed sheets, bleach and condoms. Tossing the papers to another girl, I hurried out of the dusty office with a small wad of cash to the main room.
  "Priya! It has been too long," Sriharsha said, presenting me with his familiar yellowy tobacco-stained grin.
  "I'll say," I scowled playfully. "I was begin

Comment: I've read plenty of stories here on deviantART from the perspective of a person being sold to a brothel but have you read the perspective of the lady in charge? Another Hole shows a scene from the head ladies position and I must say, I do not sympathize with her at all though I can partially understand her reasoning and standpoint. SinsDeed places enough emotion in this short story so that it makes you think slightly deeper and is quite inspirational but not in the traditional sense. Although this is quite saddening but not new news, I enjoyed reading it.


Don't forget about our current Memories and Resolutions Contest!!!

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UPDATE: Contest Now Closed!!!
Hello Members and Visitors!
Welcome to InspireTheUninspired's last contest of the year and first contest of the new year! This contest is going to take InspireTheUninspired through this year and into the next so it is only fitting to have a theme to go along with it! With the help of our absolutely fantastic admins and affiliates we have managed to come up with this prize list! So please give our affiliates and donators some love!!! :dalove:
Theme: This contest has the theme of 'Memories and Resolutions'. What are your memories of the year gone? What do you hope to achieve in the new year? We are looking for mostly factual deviations but you may write about fictional situations as well, it won't hinder the way we will judge your piece. Interpret the theme h

Remember dearest members, keep inspiring and writing!!!
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