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the future, 2012? by fear-the-brilliance

We are now officially in the year 2013!! Our group has some changes that it will be going through this year and hopefully we’ll have some more exciting events happening as well. But more about that will be coming in the next couple of weeks. So for now, I wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year for you, your relatives and anyone else you may know! :tighthug:

BI-WEEKLY PROMPT: Our bi-weekly prompt is now over and unfortunately no-one won this time. We would like to thank GeekGirl11 for submitting her piece A Writer's Apology for the prompt! We hope to see more submissions next time :aww:

Now without further ado, here is our first feature of the year! :happybounce:


    :iconsecretagentnine: SecretAgentNine

          Ink Note: Three WeeksWEEK I
On the first day, he noticed it: a sort of low-pitched, rumbling noise in the background, just loud enough to be heard over the tapping of his coworker's keyboards and phone rings. Assuming it was an engine, he ignored it and refocused on his computer screen.
But the sound didn't go away. It persisted for minutes, and then an hour. It was getting louder. He turned to the man typing next to him.
"What's that noise?" he asked.
"What noise?" the man replied, not looking up.
"That hum. It's getting louder?"
"Don't hear it."
He gave up. The sound grew louder as the day dragged on. He tried a few more times to ask the man next to him (whose name, he realized, he did not know) but received the same response. Finally, he gave up and decided to go home. Clearly, he had developed tinnitus.
On the second day, he realized he could hear things he shouldn't be able to hear, in addition to the hum. He could hear his neighbor whistling as she prepared to go to work. He could hear cars on the hi

Comment: It took me most of the story to figure out what was going on, but once I did and had finished reading, all I could think was, "wow - that was clever!" It's a new and very unique take on a concept that is as old as time, and I love what SecretAgentNine did with it! ~ MistressofQuills

    :icontheemptychest: TheEmptyChest

          Not Too Far DownSometimes Danny would get real scared. He never did like to admit it, but sometimes when he sat on his front porch he'd start tappin' his foot and hummin' and fidgetin' and the like. His wife said it was somethin' with his brain. His rockin' chair helped. So did his cigars.
I remember when the men in suits came and had a hole dug in his field, lookin' for oil. "You just might be a rich man," they told him. One of 'em clapped him on the back and he broke down into tears. He sobbed for hours. I couldn't even tell if he was happy or sad. When his wife heard the news, she put her hand to her chest like she was about to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and plum near fainted. I ain't seen her do anything like'at since her first-born son died in the war.
I stood beside the hole one night. Danny stood beside me. We stared into it long and hard like we didn't quite know what to make of it. Then I asked him, I said, "Danny, how deep do you think that there hole is?"
He laughed. "I dunno, son. How

Comment: What makes this little piece of flash fiction special is the tone of the narration and dialogue - it fits the setting so perfectly. With a set of quirky characters and an ironic and slightly disturbing ending, this story is a fantastic read for everyone. ~ forestmeetwildfire

    :iconquiestinliteris: QuiEstInLiteris

          The Medium - 2The man seemed nice at first. At least, comparatively. Lenny was aware of him as soon as he walked in, pulled by a strange attraction that left him both disoriented and disconcerted. There was really only one likely reason for someone like that to be in a bar so early in the evening, and he seemed to think that Lenny’s reason for being there was the same as his. He snagged the barstool next to Lenny’s and shoved his glass across the counter, asking for “One more, please.” Lenny knew immediately what he was, just like the man had known him from across the room, and he silently prepared his polite apologies.
“You’re new around here.” He did not make it a question, but his voice rose slightly at the end, giving Lenny room to reply.
“Only for the w-weekend. I’m leaving t-t-tomorrow.” Lenny sincerely hoped the man would understand that he wasn’t trying to trespass on his territory. A glance to the side through the smoky light

Comment: Although excerpt of a longer work, this chapter speaks for itself. The characters, Mara and Lenny (the narrator) are well-developed character easy to connect and sympathize with. I enjoyed the light-hearted tone and serious under-current charging the chemistry between both of them, a feeling everyone can relate to. ~ H-A-Cooke

    :iconcarpefuckingdiem: carpefuckingdiem


Comment: woolly sweaters in may and the meaning of life. is so emotionally powerful, it was both saddening and a joy to read. The images throughout are fantastic. It makes no sense sometimes but you just know and feel that it does when you read it. The closing lines ’ i bought a banana ice cream and ate it on the bus ride home, thinking that if i hadn't hung up the phone you would have reminded me that you hate banana ice cream, and asked me why i still didn't get the concept of a goodbye.’ and everything that leads up to it is so absolutely amazing. Definitely a must read! :D ~ Kymira12

    :iconhazeltown: hazeltown


Comment: This short poem is full of dazzling imagery, seemingly centered around a theme of photography in the first half. It evokes an intense feeling of longing and loneliness, both of which we can all relate to. ~ forestmeetwildfire

    :iconenigmaticsmile: enigmaticsmile

          Blue Smocking in the True Essence of Time"You have no idea what time is going to do to you."
The girl was certainly no older than me, certainly. In fact, she looked at least ten years younger than me, and her dark blue, smock-like top the drugstore chain made her wear at the register made her look even younger and more childish.
If I allowed myself a moment of superficiality right then, I would have said there was nothing special about her: not her hair style, not her face, not her body, not her smile, not her eyes or even the tone of her voice.  In fact, there was something slightly non-pleasing about all those elements of her, but I couldn't quite put my finger on exactly why.  Maybe everything about her was just a little "off' by the world's standard of what was beautiful and what wasn't.   Regardless of that, though, I realized that at 2:00am, when I was the only customer in the store full of everything a person could need at 2:00am, it was an odd thing for her to say to me as I walked in and passed the che

Comment: Time has ever been a great mystery to humanity, and time travel has been an unfulfilled dream just as flying was. I was immediately intrigued by the way enigmaticsmile described it in his story. The inclusion of a love story into the mix was just too good to pass up :D Well done, and beautiful work! ~ MistressofQuills

    :iconlalaith913: lalaith913

          IntensityCoffee: two creams, one sugar, one Sweet 'n' low. Pancakes: short stack. Side of bacon. Every Tuesday and Thursday. 9am.
The order never changed, though sometimes he would ask for extra syrup, but it was only on the mornings when he came in with unkempt hair and stubble on his high-boned, ruddy cheeks. Those were the rough mornings, the mornings when caloric intake was not on his mind. They weren't often: he was usually very meticulous. Only the occasional day would arise when you could tell the morning had not gone as it should have. My heart ached for him on these days.
He only ever came on Tuesday and Thursday: he didn't have to be in the office (he worked for a mortgage company) until 10am on those days, instead of the usual 9 o'clock. He took the extra hour to have a proper breakfast, even if there were days when he clearly could have spent more time on his morning hygiene practices rather than rushing to a diner. The vainer part of myself thought that he always showed up for me,

Comment: In a short few paragraphs Lalith introduces you to her characters. The concept, falling for someone who's taken, is pulled up in smooth style. I found it interesting the way she introduces the concept of getting to know someone through their wallet. There is a magical spark in this vignette that also travels through her other works. ~ H-A-Cooke

    :iconbeautifulwinter: BeautifulWinter


Comment: had we known better is a poem of a broken romance that is relatable to most teenagers. It starts off with what you would think cliché but then its beauty shines through. It is both saddening and recognizable in its simplicity. ~ Kymira12


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Remember dearest members, keep inspiring and writing!!!

P.S. :iconfear-the-brilliance: fear-the-brilliance created the brilliant the future, 2012? icon at the top! :D
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