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Submitted on
October 4, 2012


7 (who?)
:bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletpurple: FIRST KISS CONTEST:bulletpurple: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletred:    

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:   CONTEST CLOSED: 10 PM CENTRAL TIME :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

Please go here for further contest information: First Kiss Contest: JUDGING PERIOD:bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple: FIRST KISS CONEST  JUDGING ROUND :bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: [Bullet; Orange] [Bullet; Red]
Now that the contest is over, it terminated at 10 PM Central Time (9 PM Eastern Time), I want to Congratulate the Members who took up the challenge to submit Prose and Proestry to this contest!
(You can find original contest information at
First Kiss Contest ITU!:
We have 15 Entries, which means that Members completed their first Contest and also met the "At Least 10 Entries" entries rules for group contests!
I would like to CONGRATULATE EVERYONE who participated and especially to those whose entries have qualified for the Judging Round. They are listed below, without author names to keep the judging fair, and to keep any viewer participation or bias opinions being sent to judges on beha

:bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: : CONTEST UPDATE :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletred:    


So far the following submissions will be included in the judging round:

:bulletblue: Confusion of Mummies and DaddiesBen knocked on the door of number 12 Bridge Street. After a few moments it swung open and a familiar women smiled down at him
"Hello Ben!" she said
"Hello Miss Young" Ben replied "Is it okay for me and Hatty to go and play?" He asked.
"As long as you don't go far" Miss Young warned and Ben nodded his head. Miss Young smiled and turned her head to the inside of the house "Heather! Ben's here for you!" she called out and a few moments later a young girl, just over 7 years old like Ben, came out beaming
"Hi Ben!" she said "Come on let's go!" she said grabbing his arm as pulling him through the house and out into the back garden
"Stay where I can see you!" Miss Young shouted after them as they clambered over the short fence separating the garden from the fields beyond it.
Hatty and Ben ran around in the fields, trying to find each other in the tall corn that was soon to be harvested, laughing and shouting. Hatty mother, Miss Young, looked out her window every so often, easily able to see t

:bulletblue: First Kiss ContestHe was just so...cute!  Like a little sheepdog!  His blonde hair fell in his eyes, ruddy cheeks indented with those adorable dimples.  He had such an essence of boyish least, when we were kids.  That's hardly the case now.
It wasn't safe like it was when we were kids.  It's all...anarchy-y.  It's not safe for me to be alone anymore, not even while I sleep.  So he insists, now a bulky 16 year old, that I sleep near him.  Tonight, since it was cold, he allowed me to lounge against his chest.  I was warmed by his body-heat and intrigued by the gentle rhythm of his chest rising and falling beneath me.  His breathing was like a tender lullaby to me.  He was so deep in sleep that the creases his face had taken on from scowling so much had actually ceased to exist.  His olive skin was so smooth looking, I just wanted to touch it, to play with his stubble, to kiss his jaw and have him whisper little nothings in my ear in his

:bulletblue: :thumb335221506:

:bulletblue: A First kiss to rememberIt was a bitter cold day in January, filled with sorrow and sadness. The sky was twisted with an array of different shades of grey and black and soon fell its frozen ice cold tears. These tears rippled down from the sky and eyes of family and friends. I searched and searched through the sea of black and into the eyes of these people looking for the rays of life but there was nothing…just eyes that would lead down a twisted path of misery where no emotion could be found only darkness, nothing.
I still remember the events that lead up to this faithful day, the day I did not want to come…
It was last year on a snowy December day. The floors were covered in blankets of white as the moon light did a glittery dance against it. I was waiting for my lover in the ice white fields of snow. We were going to go to a place that only a few knew of , a place where if you looked out to the distance at the right time the stars looked as if they had fallen on to earth. It was 9:00 PM when she

:bulletblue: ExplosionsHis eyes met mine through the crowd. It was electric; like I had looked into his eyes and jumped off a cliff. Their hazel depths swallowed me whole, and time seemed to stand still. The people around us disappeared, and we were alone. It was just me and him, him and me. We walked towards each other, slowly, but ever faster. We collided together, a shower of wonderful fireworks.
His fingers ran through my hair, and it was like multi colored sparks raining down from the sky. His touch was warm, unlike everyone else's icy cold skin. It was making me melt, breaking down the wall around my heart. My mask was crumbling, slipping off, and I didn't care. I wanted to melt; wanted to dissolve and become a part of him, to feel for the first time.
Our lips touched, and the world exploded. It was like an earthquake and a thunderstorm and a tsunami happening at once. Time sped up, and the people bustling by became streaks on the canvas of our kiss. Magenta and crimson and ruby d

:bulletblue: BaskingWARNING: Contains sensitive material for those uncomfortable with or unapproving of same sex couples.
Marshmallows. Fluffy treats that bring back so many memories of a time trapped between the pavement of childhood, trying to step off the sidewalk where she stood stagnant, aching for adultdom…Nine years later, her lips still quirk as she reminisces finding the stoplight that inspired—more like forced—her to take that last stride towards the other side of the street.
Tangerine dresses fluttered around her, interspersed with the occasional olive or eggplant flair. She sighed at how unimaginative her classmates were…and at how annoying they were turning out to be. Shuffling steps, screeching at inopportune moments, formed awkward backdrops to salacious music. Teachers and administrators tried, in vain, to separate raunchy students. Students tried, in vain, to perform the horizontal tango both upright and fully clothed. Food tried, in vain, to taste good

:bulletblue: :thumb333093723:

:bulletblue: To HenryDearest Henry,
I wanted to tell you of last night.
It was as if each layer of clothing had just melted off my body.  The piles of ruffles and silk gathered quickly at my feet until I was standing there before the lake, naked as the day I was cut from my mother's stomach.  I'd never known the sensation of a cool night breeze as it sweeps over my body, unless you count the winds that jostled the curtains of my open window during the summer.  It was like being caressed by a dear lover, or I imagine that's how it must be.  Luxurious.  It was how I imagined it must feel to be touched by you.
Do you know that after you placed the first kiss on my lips not hours before, I would have done anything that you'd asked of me?  If you had said, "Rosie, let's run away tonight," I would have packed up my things and fled at the earliest possible moment.  You didn't ask such a reckless thing of me:  you only asked that I mee


:bulletblue: A FirstA whisper of silence was heard in the night, in the silvery moonlit glade amidst the shadow covered forest of flowering trees and bushes. The flowers were singing a song; a song of the night and the day, of the cold waxing moon and the ever rotund star of warmth, of the myriad stars and the interminable sky. The leaves gently rustled with the soft touch of the loving wind, as though they were in ecstasy. The grass in the glade clung dearly to the cold earth afraid of being taken by the harmless wind, as the white Moon rose to its apogee in the sky, and gazed down at the slumbering multitude of creatures on Earth.
The two humans who were not asleep and would not sleep this night, glided silently through the undergrowth. They wore great hooded cloaks that covered their entire being, leaving no avenue for anyone gazing upon them to perceive their form. One stood a few inches taller than the other and this alone gave contrast to their otherwise indistinguishable figures. The taller one led

:bulletblue: Call Me Cicatricein a sloping curve, the scar covered his back
like an indefinite symbol of defiance. puckered
at the ridges, slithering across his shoulder blades, it was
something special in the way it interrupted his skin
/chronicle incomplete/ I reached out to touch it,
he caught my hand "you always did find beauty
in the broken." they always had more stories to tell.
I was something inexperienced (but never innocent).
I fell for his natural enjambments and
inability to meet my eyes. he fell for
the fact I was freshly born (but never young).
our first kiss was under a sycamore tree
that watched the world pass by. he said
he wanted to steal away my words, I knew
he was trying not to collapse. the tree
stood on as our lives expanded into something
entirely new, but exactly the same. "we always
try to build new beginnings to find a way
back to our firsts." but resets don't work.
he held his head highest on the days the sky was low,
for a reason he'd never explain /reminiscent/
I told him, onc

:bulletblue: :thumb336306857:

:bulletblue: MusingsI'd been dancing on glass and hoping you'd catch me.
He was tending to the garden when she fell out of the window. Thankfully, it was a very low window, but the threat was always there (wasn't it?). She tumbled into the flower bed, but it might have well been his arms.
We used to dream in the attic, you with your fake memoirs and my frozen throat.
She wanders through his brain.
She takes hold of his heart and reads him stilted poetry out of a ringed notebook. It doesn't belong to her, she tells him, cat eyes glittering in tandem with the turning pages. She stole it (she uses that phrase, he'd call it something softer) from her mother, who stole it from a park bench
[There used to be a park up by forty-fourth and Main]
way back when in The Before.
She flips to a page that is hanging loose at the corners. "This is my favorite." She whispers, and her eyes are fishy-grey and oh-so-unnatural, but he can't stop looking.
I was born into a fog,
scream muffled by the sound of a


:bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: : CONTEST UPDATE :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletred:    

To reiterate the contest rules:  

:bulletblack:  You can submit Prosetry as long as you classify it under Flash-Fiction and it must lean more on the prose side. Please do not just write a free-verse poem and submit under flash-fiction.

Hopefully these few highlights can help clear up any confusion about the contest!

:bulletred: Your entry must be a NEW DEVIATION

:bulletred: If you aren't a premium member write:  "First Kiss Contest"  as the opening line to your Author's Description and include that it was written for our group.

:bulletred:   Your entry must include a FIRST KISS - whether that be platonic (not romantic), familial (family) or romantic (spouses or significant others.

Aloha !

Here is the groups second contest! Like the first we’ll need at least Ten (10) entries to make it a contest! Below the contest is described to make is easy on you! I apologize for the late post and the slight overlap with National Novel Writing Month.

TITLE: First Kiss Contest

SUMMARY: A fiction contest that showcases those moments of platonic (non-love), familial (family) and romantic love.


:bulletred: Your entry must be a NEW DEVIATION

:bulletred: If you aren't a premium member write:  First Kiss Contest
as the opening like to your Author's Description and include that it was written for our group.

:bulletred:   Your entry must include a FIRST KISS - whether that be platonic (not romantic), familial (family) or romantic (spouses or significant others.


To add the stamp above use the Colon ( : ) on each side of the thumb link without parentheses and spaces:
( : )thumb330396884( : )

START DATE: October 5th, 2012   END DATE: November 5th, 2012

JUDGING PERIOD: November 9th – November 16th, 2012

JUDGES: H-A-Cooke, Kymira12 and MistressofQuills

You can submit your work to the following Deviant Art  Categories  and  ITU Folder:

Accepted Deviant Art Categories

:bulletblack: Literature – Prose – Fiction OR NonFiction – [Choose Your Category] – Flash Fiction and Vignettes
:bulletblack: Literature – Prose – Fiction OR NonFiction – [Choose Your Category] – Introduction and First Chapter
:bulletblack: Literature – Prose – Fiction OR NonFiction – [Choose Your Category] – Short Stories

Group Folder

:bulletred: First Kiss ITU Contest




Short Story (Featuring the Characters of the Winning Piece) ~ By H-A-Cooke
15 Points ~ By Kymira12
2 Features ~ By MistressofQuills & forestmeetwildfire
3 Llama Badges ~ By  death-in-the-orchard & Dusky-Inc



100 Word Drabble (including characters of winning piece) ~ By Kymira12
10 Points ~ By H-A-Cooke
1 Feature ~ By MistressofQuills
2 Llama Badges ~ By death-in-the-orchard and Dusky-Inc



5 More Points ~ By H-A-Cooke
1 Feature ~ By: forestmeetwildfire
1 Llama Badge ~ By MistressofQuills



3 More Points ~ By H-A-Cooke
1 Llama Badge ~ By Kymira12


After the voting week terminates and judges have agreed on the winners your work will be sorted into the proper folders, which are:

:bulletgreen: Excerpts
:bulletgreen: Novellas – First Chapter Only
:bulletgreen: Novels – First Chapter or Part Only
:bulletgreen: Flash Fiction and Vignettes
:bulletgreen: Short Stories
:bulletgreen: Mature
:bulletgreen: Non-Fiction

And, the contest folder will revert back to it's original title until the next admin runs a contest.

Please make sure to double check your word count and post in the Author’s Description so I and the other Admins can  sort your pieces into the correct group folder when the contest closes.

Until then:  Happy writing and stay inspired,

~ H-A-Cooke
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dreamwalker12 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012
what are the maximum amount of words allowed? :)
H-A-Cooke Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You can write any form of Fiction. I would say your piece should be at least 200 words. There isn't a maximum.
dreamwalker12 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
thankyou :D
H-A-Cooke Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem! And remember, you have until Midnight on Monday the 5th!
Kymira12 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
There is no limit on the amount of words :aww:
dreamwalker12 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012
yay, thankyou for replying :D
Kymira12 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem! :D
TheBloodyEpicPumpkin Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Student Writer
I'm working on an entry now. :happybounce:
I just have to finish my newspaper assignments first...
H-A-Cooke Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay! I'm excited to read and vote on your entry!
Kymira12 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Good luck with your assignments and hopefully we get your entry! :la:
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