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Folder Descriptions - Please read before submitting!

:bulletred: Featured Folder: Works showcased in this folder are chosen by the Admin Team for the Fortnightly Feature journal and are moved to Featured from the folder they were originally submitted to. Deviations for this folder are also moved from the followng contest folders: Contest Folder TBD (renamed when new contests are held) and Prompt Submissions.

:bulletorange: Contest Folder TBD: Is renamed when contests are created and are in the Submission stages. The folder will be open only during the Submission Period and is for deviations that meet the contest prompt. The folder is closed at the beginning of the Juding Period. Winning Deviations and Runner's Up Deviations are moved to Featured while other contest entries are moved to their correct Gallery folders at the termination (end) of the contest. This folder will either be called Contest Folder TBD OR the title of the current contest. This folder is closed at all other times.

For deviatons to be accepted into this folder you must add the following to your Author's Description: "This work is apart of :iconinspiretheuninspired:'s [Contest Name] contest."
Also include a link to the contest folder and the word count of your submission.

(for those of you who aren't able to display the group Icon in the Author's Description [done by typing : icon Inspire the Uninspired : {without the spaces}] please include the group Name in bold.)

:bulletyellow: Prompt Submissions: Submissions to this folder must meet the qualifcations of the Fortnightly Prompt (found in a journal titled Fortnighlty Prompt).

Include the following information in your Author's Description for your work to qualify: "This is an entry for :iconinspiretheuninspired:'s Fortnihgly Prompt contest." Also include a link to the Prompt Journal and a short explanation of which Prompt you used.
(for those of you who aren't able to display the group Icon [done by typing : icon Inspire the Uninspired : {without the spaces}] please include the group Name in bold.)

:bulletgreen: Excerpts: Displays the best quality excerpts from a deviant's novel, novella, screen play or any longer work. We will except ONLY THREE (3) excerpts from the same work. These excerpts are meant to display your best writing, character development, world building or scene construction. This is not for entire chapters to be submitted (that defeats the purpose of providing an excerpt.

To submit chapters of your story please refer to the Novels and Novellas - Part One Only folder. Rules of this folder allow for you to post the whole Prologue or Chapter One of your Novel (an entire work that amounts 70,000 words or more) or Novella (a whole work averaging between 10,000 - 70,000 words).

:bulletblue:Fiction - Short Stories: Submit Prose deviations with fully developed themes and plot that average between 1,000 - 9,000 words total.

:bulletpurple:Flash Fiction and Vignettes: Prose that qualifies as Flash Fiction can average between 20 - 400 words and is a fully developed plot ; while a Vignette averages between 500 - 900 words and is a brief, evocative description of a person or a scene.

:bulletpink: Foreign Language:: Deviations which are written entirely in a non-English language OR include both a portion written in a Foreign Language and the English Translation.

:bulletblack: Mature: Deviations that contain adult themes or sexual content. This includes Deviations that are given the proper Mature Tag (a requirment of deviantArt's TOS - which appears in the Author's Description as Mature Content). Even if your Deviation doesn't have a Mature Tag, if the content is adult or sexual you will be asked to resubmit your work to this folder and inlude the proper warning (which will help you in the long run to not have your work reported).

Work that does not contatin a developed plot or present the material in a thoughtful way will be declined. Mature Content is not the same aspornographic content. If your work contains Pornographic Content we will decline it.

:new: :bulletorange: News and Articles Folder: A folder where :iconinspiretheuninspired:'s Member and Members of Affiliate groups can submit the group's: News, Events, Contests, Features and more. To qualify for this folder all entries must be literature related as InspiretheUninspired is a literature group.

This folder is not for the submissions of personal journals or other content that advertises an indiviual account. This includes but is not lmitied to: Personal Journals (which let deviantArt know what you've been up to), Commission Journals (which let deviantArt know your prices and that your Commissions are open), Self-Features (which focus on your art piece and function as a medium to get your art noticed), etc.

:bulletyellow: Non-Fiction: Prose submissions which reflect events or snap-shots of people and events that occured in the author's life. These are factual pieces of Prose or Poetry.

If your submission is part of a longer work please only submit the Prologue or Chapter One. This helps use keep up our Gallery.

If your Non-Fiction piece contains Mature content we will redirect your submission to the Mature Folder and ask (for your ease of using deviantArt's TOS) to add a Mature label to your work.

:bulletgreen: Novels and Novellas - Part 1 Only: This folder is specifically geared toward longer Prose pieces. You can only submit the Prologue or Chapter 1 of your piece, as this will allow for ease of navigation and folder upkeep. For work to qualify for this folder you must also provide a link to Chapter 1 or the following chapter in your Author's Description (this will allow readers easy access to the rest of your story if they wish to continue reading).

A Novella is a literature piece, which in it's entiriety, averages between 10,000 words minmum and 70,000 words maximum.

A Novel is a literature piece, which in it's entirety, averages 70,000 words or more.

If your submission includes a Cover Image please provide a Note in your Author's Description detailing the original artist gave you kudos to use his/her work. If that informatin was given to yo in a Note you can also provide a copy/past of the permissions during the submission process.

:bulletblue: Poetry - Fixed Form: Poems that fall under the category of Traditional Forms: Sonnets, Villanelles, Haikus and Concrete Poetry (the meaning or effect of the poem is converyed through using patterns in the letters or words and other typographical devices).

Fixed Form poetry also includes poems which follow specific patterns with:

External Ryhme Scheme (A,B,A,B)
Internal Rhyme Scheme (words within the poem create a similar pattern)
Line Number (Ex: All Sonnets are 14 Lines Long)
Line Length (all lines contain the same number of words)
Stanza Number (dictates the form of the poem)
Syllable Count (Ex: All lines in a sonnet have 10 syllables).

:bulletpurple: Poetry - Free Verse: Poetry which exludes attention to: Rhyme Scheme, Line Length, Line Number, Stanza Number, and Syllable Count. This includes:

Urban Poetry (which chronicles the life of peopel in the city), Found Poetry (creates poems by borrowing lines, phraes or whole stanzas from existing poems) and Spoken Word (peoms which take on the charateristics of raps or other forms that can only be conveyed by reading the poem aloud [most often used in the poetry slam style]).

Free verse poetry does experiment with:

Decapitalization (all words are in lower case)
(Parenteticals): Use of pharses or words as afterthoughts- this techique signals to the reader that the poem can be read without the word or phrase in parentheses.
Punctuation (experimentatin with placement of periods, commas, colons, and other marks)

:bulletpurple: Poetry - Lyrical: Express personal or emotional feelings and are traditionally written in the Present Tense. Rhyme schemes are present that allow the work to be set to a rhythm or a beat - as these poesm are most often sung or spoken out loud. For the sake of our group Lyrical Poetry also includes Song Lyrics.

This includes the following styles: Odes nad Pastoral Poetry (poetry written to refelct works like the Oddyssey).

:bulletpink: Scripts and Screenplays: Scripts are works that total over 200 pages and are written to be performed live on a theater stage.. Similarly, Screenplays are equally as long and are works that are meant as scripts to be peroformed on the Silver Screen (a.k.a. movies).

Please submit either: The first full scene or the complete first draft (in PDF) of your work. Provide a link (if necessary) to the next installment of yoru script if you are not using the PDF upload.

Gallery Folders

Contest Folder TBD
Fortnighly Prompt
Visual Challenge TBD
Fiction - Short Stories
Flash Fiction and Vignettes
Foreign Language
News and Articles
Novels and Novellas - Chapter 1 Only
Poetry - Fixed Form
Poetry - Free Verse
Poetry - Lyrical
Scripts and Screenplays




Hello InspireTheUninspired!

Please forgive the recent circumstances that have resulted in many Deviations being Rejected due to Expiration. This is because I had returned the Votes needed to 2. However, this is due to the fact that I previously had help from a Contributor who has since left the group.

So, for those of you who have recently submitted and been Rejected,  please Resubmit those and I will promptly accept them. If I do not I will let you know what folder you should re-submit to.

I'm sorry for this misunderstanding.  I also hope to get re-involved in the group and hope that you as Members will participate in Prompts and Contests, as I'll need help judging contests.

~ Founder: H-A-Cooke
More Journal Entries

Group Info

:bulletgreen: Please take a look at our Folder Descriptions before you submit any work into our Gallery Folders.

:bulletred: The most important rule for this group is to respect every members opinions, views, nationality and sexuality. If you don't then you will get ONE warning before being asked to leave the group.

:bulletblue: This group is for Literature only so please do not post traditional or digital works. Also, please submit to the correct folders. For your convenience descriptions have been included on what each folders contain. Unfortunately, we will not accept FanFiction.

:bulletyellow: Only One submission per day. I do not want people's messages to get spammed.

:bulletpurple: All membership requests will be automatically accepted.

:bulletorange: You will need Two votes for a deviation to be accepted. This is to keep the folders organized and to make sure deviations go to the places they are meant to.

:bulletgreen: If you use a piece from this groups Favourites Gallery for inspiration then please make sure you give proper credit and ask for permission Before you post it.
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:bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple: Please look at and support our wonderful affiliates! They too have wonderful artworks that are absolutely fabulous! :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblue:


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